Therapy is recognised for it’s problem solving techniques and has a reputation as a tool for overcoming anxiety, depression and addiction. 

We are  a leading multidiscipline team of psychotherapists working in the heart of London.  We have built our reputation working with individuals, couples and teams. We have a successful practice working with a broad range of psychological issues including:  DepressionCouplesRelationshipsAddictionPsychosexual. As well as OCD, ADHD , anxiety and anger management.

We also offer clinical supervision for individual and groups as well as training in various settings and have done this for over 15 years.

We work with individuals from corporate settings, formulating ways in which to enhance the capcity to cope with the challenges they face. And with indiviuals and groups within the wider sector of society from a cultural, sexual and wider issues that have an impact on every day life. 

In these very difficult times with COVID-19 causing uncertainty and loss of love ones also,  economic and social challenges, it is important that we know there is support by having someone to share ones thoughts and feelings, and that we are never completely alone.

We work with you to bring greater clarity in your decision making, enabling you to make positive choices, resulting in  bringing balance and harmony into your life and relationships and clarity over the choices that lay before you. 

We have a  broad portfolio of clients, many of them recommend us to others. And we also recieve referrals from Consultant Psychiatrists, GPs, stautory, voluntary and private sectors

Whether old or new, all of our clients receive the same dedicated, high quality professional service that has been the basis of our practice spanning 20 years.