Addiction is Slavery

 What is addiction?

Simply put, addiction is the compulsively chasing of drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping etc with the aim of satiating the craving or hunger for the instant fix one gets from using. This behaviour is continued until a pattern emerges which is also ritualistic.

People who are addicted are typically enslaved to their substance or behaviour. Their behaviour is driven by a temporary search for freedom, respite, numbness or escape from themselves and their reality. Psychologically, addicts seek to repeat the euphoric experiences by chasing after particular feelings associated with their drugs, alcohol or behavioural patterns of choice.

Psychoactive substances

Psychological or psychoactive substances stimulate neurological pathways in the brain after being ingested. They include:

Other psychoactive substances include:

Today addiction is defined as physical and/or psychological dependence and falls into three categories:

The addiction is fuelled through the stimulation of the neural pathways. The stimulation causes behavioural and psychological changes giving rise to repeat patterns of behaviour that often have negative outcomes.

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