Addiction Therapy

I successfully work with those who have addictions: drugs, alcohol and sex

People who are addicted are typically enslaved to their substance or behaviour. Their behaviour is driven by a temporary search for freedom, respite, numbness or escape from themselves and their reality. Psychologically, addicts seek to repeat the euphoric experiences by chasing after particular feelings associated with their drugs, alcohol or behavioural patterns of choice.

Through your 1-1 therapy sessions together we will:

By becoming aware of these behaviours, emotions and thoughts you will gain insight, which can lead to freedom of choice, to actively choose whether or not to return to them, learning how to form new behavioural patterns and coping strategies to prevent a return to old behaviours.
The therapeutic outcomes include:

Together these outcomes will make it easier for you to successfully manage or eliminate your addiction.

I am here to support you through the process

If you want to find out more about addictions please click here.  You can also read two relevant case studies: Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.

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