Alcoholism Case Study


Please note that all case studies are not direct from specific couples or individuals and are made up from merging ideas of models of treatment taken from the practitioner. Therefore, any similarities are purely coincidental.

Ms P is a 31 year old women who left her job in a advertising agency due to excessive drinking. She felt disillusioned and directionless about what do with her life. Her drinking had at times resorted in in behaviour that had put her in compromised and unsafe situations due to her blackouts. 

When Ms P made contact with me it took her a while to recognise that she could not return to drinking not matter what strategy she tried, such as drinking on weekends abstaining for two weeks etc. The key was found for her when she became more cognisant that her fear related to letting go of how she was perceived by others, drove her need to seek something that made her feel valued and accepted by people around her, which after a while lead her to believe she was not good enough and through self sabotaging patterns made Ms P feel not good enough.

By realising her needs and the patterns that had been laid out was able to seek more confidence in herself without seeking constant approval and validation. Ms P still remains active and abstinent and more content with her life and self.

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