Couples and Relationship Counselling

I successfully work with couples who need support with their relationships.

You can benefit from couples therapy if:

Couples therapy aims to support one or both of the partners to:

The Benefits of couple counselling include:

Couples counselling seeks to bring together both parties to discuss sometimes volatile issues that are difficult to broach by partners in the relationship.  These issues can then be discussed in a forum whereby the therapist is neutral, seeking to open up the partners with a view to working with the couple to resolve their issues.

I provide support through the process, ensuring there is a neutral and non-bias environment in which to express your feelings and thoughts and most all, to be heard.  Therapy can help build strong relationships and strengthen communication. Relationships go through difficult times, therapy can help you re-connect.

You can also read a relevant case study about the successful resolution for a couple here.

If you would like to arrange some Couples and Relationship Therapy my contact details can be found here.