Couples and Relationships Case Study

Susan is a 42 year old professional women who lives with her partner John of 7 years. They have two children age 2 and 4 years.  For many years they enjoyed a healthy marriage.

John was making frequent overseas business trips.  John felt detached from Susan; feeling that she was not participating in social events and doing things together.  

Susan's work had been less of a focus since the children's birth. She felt she was being taken for granted and started feeling resentful.

This continued until arguments and conflict became normal.  Intimacy, including sex, became something in the past.   Things came to ahead when John was attending more business trips and constantly home late.

They started think and act without talking to one another.

Susan pushed John to attend couple counselling as a last attempt at saving their marriage.

The therapy focused on the premise, which was established by the couple, that they wanted to maintain the marriage.
 The therapy explored the:

It soon became apparent they were acting out old patterns from their past relationships or those seen in their respective parents. From these foundations they successfully rebuilt their relationship.   Susan and John began to do more things together and John reduced his time away. 

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