I successfully work with people who are depressed by offering coping strategies, which enables them to find a place where they might feel better, or recover. therapy however, is is not the panacea for all mental health issues and it can take a while for clients to feel able to shift from the difficult place they are experiencing. 

From scientific research and my experience I know therapy is a very effective treatment for depression.

We are all aware that people feel sad or down from time to time, and for many of us this will pass.  Depression is different, these negative feelings can take hold of your life and prevent you from living a full and satisfying life, influencing how you see yourself and your relationship with others. Depression can be and for significant amount of people is debilitating and in some cases causes one to self-harm and even suicide.

Depression can affected your life for a long time or it could be a result of a traumatic event or a loss or bio-chemical interruptions in the brain. Depression affects feelings, thoughts, relationships and behaviours. There are also societal problems related to stigma and how in some cases people are perceived as weak caused by its invisibility as an illness.

Symptoms vary but can include:

In Britain 9% of people meet the criteria for treatment of Depression if you have depression then you are not alone.



The benefits of treatment are:

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 There is light at the end of the tunnel