Eating Disorder Case Study

Grace is a 38 year old recently divorced woman with anorexia who binges and purges by making herself throw up and uses laxatives.

Grace has had problems with her food from the age of 12. She felt she benefited from "more attention" after a short illness during which she lost a significant amount of weight. She had particularly noticed how much more ‘warmth’ and love she had from her parents, apposed to her younger sister, who she felt always got the attention. 

Grace was also aware that she felt ‘in control’ of her body and overtime more obsessed about what it felt and looked liked.  These feelings became more apparent during the course of relationships with boyfriends and later her husband.  

Grace also had difficulty holding down employment. Her mood and behaviour fluctuated. It was difficult to sustain being with others for too long. She believed colleagues, friends and everyone with whom she came into contact with were judging her. This was compounded as questions kept being asked about her being underweight.

Grace found it difficult to conceive due to her low body weight and erratic menstruations. Grace was also aware of how her relationship with food created tension between her and her husband. There were major arguments and withdrawal of intimacy, which eventually lead to the break up of their marriage.

Grace came to therapy.  She was aware she was no longer in control of herself and needed additional support to manage her life.

We explored many avenues in therapy to keep her safe including: medical check up, attending groups for Anorexia and over eaters, food diary and so on. Grace soon embarked on voluntary work, gradually beginning to make more contact with others, re-establishing old friendship and making new ones.

Although Grace still copes with her eating, she has now gained weight and managing to embrace life more enthusiastically and looks forward to her future.

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