How I Work

I believe the therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist should be a healing one.

We will work through the difficult process of go of current patterns of negative behaviour and putting in place behaviours that are positive and healing.  This can be a life changing process. Therapy should be supportive, and can be challenging for the client. 

My main emphasis is your "Enoughness". Enoughness comes from:

To satisfy their core sense of self individuals look to obtain the feeling of being "Enough" when people rely on others to make them feel that they are Enough, which could end up in dependent relationships and feelings of low self worth.

The feeling of being Enough comes in the guise of seeking validation and approval from others.  The individual spends time constantly trying to please others because they are looking for praise. They get into a cycle of wanting more and more external approval.  The ability to build their cores sense from them-self disappears.  They are not Enough and need help.

I work with my clients to regain their Enoughness. My work is integrative, consolidating both individuals emotional and cognitive intelligence to create balance.

I work within an integrated theoretical model, which includes the following approaches:

I have been successfully  doing this for 20 years, bringing together my training, experience and qualifications to assist those wishing to make life changes, understand their behaviour, build positive relationships and live more fulfilling and complete lives.