Introduction to Listening Skills Workshop

Introduction to Listening Skills Workshop

This two day workshop is aimed at those of you who are interested in understanding how to communicate more effectively. It is focussed on anyone who is motivated in changing their lives and the relationships you have with others.  

In the safe environment of this workshop, participants can look how to improve their communication with family members, work colleagues, clients, and employers and in their personal relationships.

A variety of communication methods will be explored in a confidential, non judgemental and sensitive setting.

This workshop is ideal for those of you who are having difficulty with others listening or misunderstanding what you have to say or feel. The workshop can benefit those who wish to sharpen their communication skills, find new ways to communicate and understand the communication process.

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Aims and Objectives 

By the end of the workshop participants will have:

  • Explored a variety of strategies and skills to enable themselves to be heard
  • Honed their listening skills
  • Understand how relationships whether professional or personal can be improved with effective communication
  • Have strategies to assist those who wish to manage or change behaviour

  •  The workshop will provide participants with basic interpersonal skills addressing the following criteria:
  • Developing confidence
  • Better and more effective communication
  • Basic de-escalation techniques in situations arising in conflict
  • Greater understanding of non verbal communication
  • Learning how to listen and be heard more effectively
  • Stepping stone towards basic counselling skills and theory courses
  • Create greater helping skills in the work place and in social environments 


    The one day workshop run between between 10am-4pm and will use a variety of teaching and learning methods

    Workshop activities

    Participants will receive a certificate of attendance listing topics covered. This is an ideal CPD workshop for those who require professional CPD hours and a chance to develop your skills and relationships.