Neurological Carers Support Group

Neurological Carers Support Group

This service has taken into account the acute lack of provision for families/caregivers who are in need of support when caring for love ones coping with complications stemming from their neurological conditions.

The support group provides a forum where a connection with others can be formed who share similar difficulties sometimes in isolation from others. The emphasis is to disclose in a confidential, safe and non-judgemental setting facilitated by experienced and qualified clinicians working within this sector.

According to the United Nations statistics in 2007 there were up to 1 billion people in the world that have neurological conditions. In England there are 12.5 million who experience neurological problems. (United Nations Report 2007) (Neurological Alliance 2014)

According to many research sources there are several hundred neurological conditions, only a few widely known are listed below:

Dementia, Strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neuron Diseases, Strokes, Cerebral Palsy, Bells Palsy, Dystonias, Muscular Dystrophy. Some others also include Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder and Epilepsy.

The support group offers an on-going once weekly facilitated group running for 2 hours.

It is aimed at people who:

Ÿ Family and non-family members who have been recently or are currently providing support

Ÿ Offer care to someone with a neurological condition.

Ÿ Need the support from others in managing difficulties arising from the affected person

Ÿ Require coping strategies and tools to deal with stressful situations

Ÿ Want somewhere just to talk in confidence without feeling judge

Ÿ Managing stigma related to societal or internalised prejudices

Ÿ Who feel socially excluded


The group will also at times offer themed discussions related to treatments methods such as:

Ÿ Medication

Ÿ Physiotherapy

Ÿ Pain Management

Ÿ Psychotherapy/Counselling-Cognitive Behavoural Therapy CBT

Ÿ Lifestyle changes

Ÿ Mindfulness/Relaxation techniques to manage stress and anxiety

Ÿ De-escalation techniques to combat anger and aggression


This neurological support group will provide a place to discuss issues such as depression, suicide, addiction to drugs and alcohol and the use of violence and aggression and self-harming within the home. The other issues that are at times not spoken about is sex and sexuality and how this along with others mentioned, has a profound impact on the relationship between caregivers/family members and loved ones. This group will not be a panacea for all but will provide to those who attend a lifeline of support that has been lacking elsewhere and much over due.

If you feel this group is for you please contact Anthony Rhone