Neurological Lifestyle Workshop

Neuorological Lifestyle Workshop - for men and women with neurological conditions

This service has come about due to the increasing difficulties faced by people who have experienced strokes and other neurological incapacitating conditions and are still continuing with their daily lives and functions including working, having a family and involved in various activities. Although some services exist in the guise of support groups, there still remains a gap in offering services such as workshops that cater for wider issues that are affecting people who are managing their lives but would still benefit from support via group workshops that provide strategies that will enhance what the participants may have already.

This workshop aims to bring together people affected by their neurological conditions to learn and become more aware of addressing many of life’s issues that they are confronted by on a daily basis. Loss, loneliness, isolation, social exclusion, stigma, sexuality and identity are common aspects that affect someone who is placed in a life- changing situation.

The demand for services such as this is on the increase as those with neurological incapacitating conditions steadily rise: 12.5 million people in England and over one billion world wide have some kind of neurological condition. (United Nations Report 2007) (Neurological Alliance 2014)

Some neurological conditions have various affects on the functions of individuals such as suffering a stroke and are more prevalent in the UK and globally.

It is estimated that a stroke occurs approximately 152,000 times a year in the UK; that is one every 3 minutes 27 seconds. First-time incidence of stroke occurs almost 17 million times a year worldwide; one every two seconds. There are around 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK. (State of the Nation Stroke statistics – Stroke association, January 2015)

Other conditions of continuous and long-lasting functional conditions include:

Other examples of symptoms that happen from time to time include:

Symptoms of functional neurological disorders (FND) can be continuous, variable or happen from time to time. There are four main types of functional symptoms:



This workshop is catered for men and women aged between 18-40 years, who have functional conditions as mentioned above and want support and be among peers with similar neurological conditions. The workshop will comprise of themed discussion on a variety of topical life issues.

The setting will be confidential, safe and non-judgemental environment, facilitated by experienced clinicians.

The workshop will run for 2hrs once a week for 6mths closed group, thereafter open again for new participants and closed for another 6 months. This will enable confidence and trust to be established when disclosing within the group among known participants.


The workshop is aimed at people who:

Workshop will provide


This workshop will also explore themed topics such as:


This workshop would be ideal in trying to manage where you fit within the world and for those who are seeking support to manage and combat depression, anxiety and anger provoking issues. Primarily, the workshop is a forum whereby you can feel free to express how you feel in an environment among others who will empathise in a language that can be heard without feeling judged, pitied, minimalized or isolated.

If you feel this workshop is right for you please contact: Anthony Rhone