Psychosexual Therapy


I successfully work with people and couples who have concerns about their sexual desires, relationships, connections or performance.

These concerns are legitimate as sex is a key aspect of who we are and how we feel about ourselves.
Psychosexual issues 




Alternative relationship styles


Improving a tired or routine sex lives


A traumatised or abused partner


Orgasm problems 


Communicating about sex


Compulsive sexual behaviour


Concerns about sexual practices


Pain during sex


Concerns about what turns you on, or who turns you on


Partners with different degrees or types of sexual desire


Concerns about your sexual orientation or preference


Sex when there is a physical challenge or chronic illness


Difficulty becoming become aroused


Reduced desire for sex


Erectile and or Ejaculation problems


Sexless marriages




Trouble experiencing pleasure


Problems with body image


Talking to your kids about sex


Out of control sexual behaviour


Psychosexual therapy aims to identify the root cause of the problem and then treat it appropriately.  
I have 19 years experiance helping people with thier Phsychosexaul issues.  My approach is relaxed, open and conversational.  We will talk about your relationship, background and belief system to fully understand how these complex issues impact on you/you and your partner.
The sessions are acutely mindful of how stigma, shame and guilt play a role in thinking, feelings and behavioural that affect how one views and interacts with sex. 
My aim is to bring the balance you and your partner need to deal with your sexual problems in healthy way.
If you want to discuss the possibility of getting some support you can find my contact details if you click here.