The Legacy Group

This group is specifically designed to support young men and women who face challenges due to their exclusive lifestyles.

This group targets individual needs and challenges and looks at the pressures and provide the tools and coping strategies to deal with these challenges.


Children of the very affluent are presumed by the masses to be low risk.  The reality is that they often have wider psychological and behavioural issues than is thought.  

Their root causes tend to be both literal and emotional high pressure to achieve, which creates at times isolation from parents. The pressure to achieve is often derived from a inordinate emphasis on material success, personal autonomy and control.  

The search for material success often impedes attainment of rewards, critical for well-being and close relationships.  When these are not achieved the blame is focused internally and an overriding sense of failure pervades. Conversely, even when "success" is achieved the desire to replicate the success becomes exhaustive, culminating in a psychological/physical/emotional collapse as the pressure and sense of loss becomes unbearable and can lead to use of addictive type behaviours.   Fuel is thrown on the fire as services tend to be purchased rather than formed out of supportive community networks. Societies envy & dislike of the wealthy demonstrated by pleasure derived from any perceived failure of a member of this group intensifies the self loathing. A compounding factor is the doubt if new friends are genuine or there for the ride.

Children in wealthy families are often cared for by housekeepers or nannies. They are the primary caregivers whose attentiveness varies, which can distant the parent child bond. This perception is backed up by a study showed the wealthier the parents the less close they are with their children.  (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - 1999) Parents are highly competitive themselves are usually highly invested in the “star qualities” of their children.  (Pittman - 1985). the addition of boarding school can further exacerbate or cement the intimacy between parents and their children. The children then fail to develop secure attachments based on the knowledge that they are valued for the individuals they are and rather than as a projection of their parents success. 
The result is that there could be the development of an insecure sense of self and lack of trust. The result is a failure in the expectation that one’s needs will be respected and the belief that world is full of people who cannot be counted on.  

It is aimed at people who are:

What the workshop/group will provide the following within a supportive and confidential setting:


The participants will have gained at the end of this programme:

The Venue

The Legacy group will take place in Harley Street, London and will be  two hours one evening a week for 12 weeks, between 6.30-8.30pm

The cost

The cost of each evening session is £150 and total cost for £12 weeks is £1800. the programme is designed for 12 weeks and therefore participants are advised to attend all 12 sessions.  A discount is available to those who pay 6 weeks in advance the cost will be £825 instead of £900 and for 12 weeks will be £1650 instead of £1800. Minim payment of 3 session £450 must be paid in advance before attending.

If you feel this group relates to you or someone you know please contact Anthony located in contact on the front/home page.