Therapeutic Group Women and Men



We live in a world where the impact of an everyday event stains an indelible seam within us. Where interactions with others mould our defences and fortify the coping strategies we claim willingly and unwillingly as our own. Sharing of our feelings and thoughts wisely enables us, with the support of others to unravel what has lodged in our minds as a discomfort, yet to be set at eased.

This group is devised for women and men who are seeking a secure and confidential forum in which they can discuss with like minded people everyday issues that have affected them in their lives.
In this experiential group, there is no set theme but participants must be willing to share with others in their thoughts and feelings.

About the facilitator
I am a qualified psychotherapist/counsellor. Also, a senior accredited member and registered practitioner with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists. further a member of the College Of Relationship and Sex Therapist (CORST).
I am an integrative psychotherapist meaning, combining therapeutic approaches that I have learnt such as cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic and humanistic approaches to best gain a connection and relationship with my clients, as I do not believe that one suit fits all, we are all individuals and therefore have different ways of connecting. I however, work with both structure and focus, as this is important and adhered to in my approaches.

The facilitator has 20 years experience within statutory, private, and voluntary sectors in psychiatric and forensic settings supporting others in individual, couples and facilitating groups. I also work as a supervisor experienced for over 15 years, supervising staff team as a line manager within clinical settings as well as, providing clinical supervision for staff teams within psychiatric, addiction and forensic settings. 

The group’s aims
i. This group main aim is to focus on promoting and maintaining well-being
ii. To develop insight and understanding through awareness of problematic patterns of behaviour
iii. Formulate coping strategies that manage new awareness
iv. Through group participation share thoughts and feelings that are troubling

The group's remit
a) The group is to ensure a safe and confidential setting to explore without feeling judged
b) Respect other participants views whether agreed or not
c) Allow time and space to listen to others
d) Not to discriminate or abuse or act in anyway threatening to others pertaining to ethnicity, gender, age, sexual persuasion or disability
e) To refrain from any inducements such as drugs or alcohol upon attending the group

Methodology of group
The group will operate from an integrated approach meaning the facilitator will
adopt an open approach to the group process, which will guide the group where
and when necessary and support the those who are struggling with their
presented issues.

Who can attend the group
Anyone who wants to speak about issues affecting their day to day lives
Those feel isolated
Feel anxious
Struggle with relationships
Bereavement including living loss
Cultural and cross-cultural issues

Benefits: Primarily, the workshop is a forum whereby one can feel free to express how one feels among others who will empathise with words of insight and support, within an environment where commonality of feelings allows for one to be heard, without feeling judged, pitied, minimised or isolated. The participants after attending this group could gain some insights into creating some positive difference to their lives.

 Where the group is held

The group is held at 10 Harley Street, W1G 9PF

This is an open group whereby group members are not compelled to attend every weekly group, you can attend one session or all as you will. However, continuity of attendance is encouraged to ensure that group members feel they can disclose and feel safe and have a stronger affinity to those whom they are disclosing

The cost of each weekly group

The cost of attending each weekly session is £50 payable in advance or on the day of the group before the group commences. No refunds are given once the prospective group member has attended. Potential group members who have paid in advance are required to give 48 hours notice or the full group fee for that session will be held as a late cancellation fee. 

Bacs Bank details: HSBC A/c no 51553801 sort code 40-44-15

The duration of the group and date and time

The group will last for 1.5 hours and be ongoing
This group will run from 6.15-7.45pm on Mondays

Please contact:

Anthony Rhone on 07966392038